Sweet Rowen

I have been following a family on IG. Their daughter is struggling with sudden heart failure. She is three. THREE YEARS OLD. She is one year younger than my middle child. Every single time I have a free moment, I am checking her feed. She has this amazing talent of communicating her thoughts through words. It is beautiful. Her trust in Jesus is beautiful too. Here are a few samples of her writing and thoughts:

The first morning I found their story, I cried silent tears laying in my bed at 3 a.m. I have continually prayed since finding them. I feel drawn to them. She also keeps posting screenshots from people all around the world who have contacted her. It makes my heart so happy to read that people who have lost Jesus or turned away from Him are climbing their way out of the pit because of this sweet woman’s unwavering trust in him. I just wanted to share that God is doing amazing things!

If you want to find their story on IG, her handle is @amandaauer.

I didn’t post any pictures of her sweet girl, because as a mother, I think that is our choice about what gets shared of our kids. I do recommend that you go follow her.

Please join me in praying for healing for sweet Rowen.


“You Gotta Show Them”

Today, on Mother’s Day, our church sermon was about showing our children how to be godly. It was about putting God first and always following his word. We were told that our children see through our ways. If we are simply pretending to be good people and not actually being good people than our children know.
For anyone who has known me longer than the 5 years I have been a Texan, they know that I didn’t belong to a church. They know that I did not always make good choices. They know that I did not make God a priority in my life. I can’t say that I know if it is the family I married into, or the friends I have made since living here, or the simple fact that I am now responsible for small humans that has made me want to put God first in my life. Looking back at stupid things I have done, there is no reason why I should be alive. There is no logical reason why I shouldn’t be a complete mess. I believe that God has a purpose for me. My purpose may be nothing more than to raise my children in a God loving environment. Whatever his intention, I am open to it.
Mother’s Day is a wonderful day. It reminds you that you must do your best for your children everyday. The worries and burdens of everyday can follow you around, but if you look into your child’s eyes and see the reflection of a good person, you have won half the battle. The other half of the battle is to remember to be a good person for them to look up to instead of just pretending to be one. I believe that being a mother or just a parent is a true gift. My Mother’s Day was wonderful. It was full of love, kisses and time well spent.


The Grapefruit Sisters

Today I met two sisters while my mother plucked grapefruit. As we stood under the cool shade of the heavy limbs, I caught a glimpse of what a lifetime will do to a sibling bond. The older sister has some health issues and has never been married. The younger sister lost her husband last year. They have been living together for about six months. I believe them to both be in their eighties.
My sister has been my best friend since I was three. We rode the bus together, we went to high school together and this year, we will both be mothers. I often wonder what kind of relationship we will have with each other’s kids. Our mother’s sisters have been such a large part of our lives. It’s hard to imagine that we wouldn’t be that for each other’s kids. As I watched the grapefruit sisters, I realized that time has separated them, it has aged them and now it has made them rely on one another.
My sister is going to be a mother. The same sister who was always such an embarrassment to me when we were little. You know the kind. The kind that would run around in her long, stringy, blonde wig and fake glasses while wearing one of dad’s Bevis and Butthead shirts as a dress. The kind that would want to ride along to the grocery store with you and dad while sporting the above-mentioned attire. The kind that when dad said she could go with us and also said she didn’t have to change her clothes, would run upstairs and put a bikini top on underneath the Bevis and Butthead shirt. The same little sister who would then fill up two water balloons and stick them in the bikini top to make herself look “well endowed” for a five year-old.
Oh wait, you don’t know THAT kind of sister? You mean to tell me that you are unfamiliar with her particular species? That’s because she is MY sister and I would be honored to stand under a grapefruit tree with her.