Coffee Twice a Day

I can still see the sway of the moss hanging from the cypress trees when I close my eyes. I can feel the warmth of the sun as it rises over the marsh in the backyard. The mix of morning light would spill into the windows and down to the floor. But, my senses are reminded of so many childhood memories as I hear mom down in the kitchen clanking dishes and talking to the dog. I smile a little as I look over at Cooper sleeping next to me. I know he will never remember this trip, he is much too young. I am just thankful we got to experience it.
Shortly after I moved to Texas, mom and Bill moved to Florida where they had bought a retirement home. The house they bought looked haunted. My mom has a gift. She can look at something and visualize exactly what she wants it to be. They turned that ghost house into an amazing work of art. It is literally the most beautiful place I have ever stayed. I love seeing mom there. She is in her element and she is where she truly belongs.
Before lunch, we would take Moe, the Bullmastiff, for a walk. We would walk down the historic brick streets of the old town. Sometimes we would walk around the lake. We ate at a Polish restaurant, shopped at farmer’s markets and drank coffee at least twice a day. I swear, I have never had coffee that tasted so good. I am convinced it was so warming and delicious because of who I was sharing it with.
I will cling to these moments for the rest of my life. Especially of the day we took Cooper to the beach. Yes, the water was freezing and yes it was a little windy, but my mother has never looked more beautiful than she did that day, holding my baby. It was like the twenty something years of my life had never passed and there she was, walking the beach while she held me. I could see it. I could touch it. I will hold that picture in my heart.