Dear Sweet Girl

Dear Sweet Girl,
Goodbye is hard.
You grabbed the World,
And you clung hard.
You made wishes,
And you felt deep,
You raised above,
You stayed on your feet.
You saw the chance,
To make your mark,
You were a light,
You were a Spark.
I dreamed about you,
On this night.
You looked around,
You looked alright.
God has taken you,
For reasons only He can know,
I watched you walk,
I watched you go.
You turned and smiled,
And right then I knew,
We shouldn’t worry,
We shouldn’t cry,
He has given you a gift,
The gift of eternal life.
Thank you L,
For making us see,
Life is a chance,
A gift,
A start,
It doesn’t define us,
Confine us,
Or keep us apart.
Go now, sweet one,
And share your light,
God will see us all,
Through this night.

To all of our students:
We see you. We see you hurting. We see you being strong. We see you fighting the heartbreak.
Do NOT give up the fight. It’s okay to cry, it’s okay to be angry. Just remember that this life is temporary, so do everything with heart, just like she did.