My FB Deal

21961fd3faa593898416a1e2c884e85dI have been sitting back for a while. As some of you may or may not know, I quit Facebook about 4 years ago. I think it is safe to say that I just needed to disconnect for a while. I know that many times I feel like I am too close to a situation. In some ways, Facebook scared me.

Last weekend, I reactivated it. I knew the hurricane was coming. I knew that this would be one of the easiest ways to keep up with my fellow humans who were going to be affected. (Also, may I just add, the use of affected vs. effected by the hurricane is totally going to be used in an upcoming lesson in my classes.) So, I took the dangling bait in front of me and I bought back into Facebook. I have learned several things about myself in the past week.

  1. The last four years has proven to have aged me.
  2. People still blast their opinions far too often.
  3. I still do NOT care what you are doing every second of your life.
  4. Facebook is okay to have, as long as you have limitations.

Okay, so let us begin with the obvious, I have aged in the last four years. Here is what is not so obvious: I no longer care about the same things I did four years ago. Four years ago, I thought the world revolved around pictures of my kids, giving updates on my life changes, and making sure I wasn’t forgotten in the world. Yes, I will still flood your feed with pictures of my kiddos, but I’m hoping my being back on here will have another meaning. I hope that through this platform, I will be able to do a couple of things. The first thing I would like to do, is to change a life. I have no idea if that means I will inspire someone to climb a literal or a figurative mountain. I have no idea if that means I will steer someone away from moving to (THE GREAT STATE OF) Texas, or to get out of an abusive relationship, or to simply change a lifestyle habit. All I know is that my goal is to change a life.

Opinions are like the thing we all have between our butt cheeks. I am not one to blast my views all over social media. Yes, I believe in our Lord and Savior. Yes, I think that some things in this world are wrong and some are right. As a journalist at heart, I tend to waiver on the side of objective sensibility (yes, I am fully aware that is an oxymoron). What I want to say about me personally using social media as a soapbox is this: I do not, at any point, plan on shoving my political, religious, social, private, public, preferred ketchup brand views down your throat. I hate nothing more than to see people belittling other people based on how they chose to live their lives. The world has enough problems, no need to add my two cents to the mix.

Disclaimer: This does not mean that I will not share important articles from time to time that I believe deserve a read. If you so chose to read them, that is completely up to you. I will do my best to keep my opinion out of the post. You can read the article yourself and make your own call. You are big boys and girls….I trust you. 

If you are making more update posts a day than a news outlet: you need rehab. Okay, your kid is cute. That dog is cute. Smokey the cat is adorable. I love that you can tie a shoe with your teeth. Dang! I wish I could cook a potato that looked that good. You rock in those skin-tight pants! How many marshmallows can Jennifer stick in her mouth? Mannnnnnnnnnnnnn….teach me to hula-hoop like that GURL! Trust me, I am all about knowing you. If we are friends on Facebook, it is truly because I dig you as a human. At some point in life, we connected. Here’s what’s up though: if I know all of that stuff about your life and it is only 11 a.m., I think we are going to need a Facebook interFRIENDtion. I’m cool if you decide to unfriend me based on this part of my post. I just want you to know that I still love you as a human. Maybe it is just better this way. If I see you out some where in real life and you want to tell me all about your kids and your dog and your cat and your preferred ketchup brand, I am down. I just don’t want it in this format and I am not going to expect you to take that crap from me on social media either.

Limits, limits, limits. After the week that our country just endured, I have one very important lesson I want to share. I will be limiting the time I spend on social media each day. Last week may have been the hardest emotional week of my life, apart from my father’s passing. Texas took a direct hit from Hurricane Harvey. Yes, I personally know people directly affected. Every single person I know here knows someone directly affected. Let me tell you, that’s a big feat. I’m not sure if you are aware, but Texas, MY TEXAS, is a pretty large state. Anyway, my point here is that even for those of you who do not know some one who was affected, you still saw all the same things on Facebook that I saw. I became consumed just watching the human race helping each other. I cried EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. just reading Facebook. I know that is not any fault of Facebook, I just know that I allowed myself to be consumed by the overwhelming information that I was constantly receiving. I have put a time limit of 10 minutes a day on my usage. I will allow for 20 minutes on the weekends, but besides that….I refuse to be sucked in.

So my overall reason for this post it to basically just say hi and let you know that I have rejoined the “World of Facebook.” I also wanted to get my guidelines for myself out there. I am a true believer that if you voice something (or in this case, write something) that others witness, than you have a better chance of sticking to it. So, consider this the part where I sign off and drive off into the sunset.