My Stitch Fix Bliss

Something awesome happened last week. My friend, Katie, turned me on to Stitch Fix. In case you aren’t familiar, it’s this personal stylist business. You go online and fill out a profile all about your sizes and the things you like. A week later, you get a box filled with five goodies in the mail. 

This is an amazing service for people like me who live in the country and get zero time for shopping for myself. 

Here is a picture of the things that were included in my Stitch Fix box. 

1) A pair of dark, skinny, stretch jeans that are school appropriate. 

2) A colorful cross body purse. 

3) An awesome printed tank blouse. 

4) Red and cream striped boat neck top. 

5) And a lightweight black cardigan. 

After just that small survey about the things I liked and did not like, I think my stylist hit my likes pretty straight on. The only thing out of my box that I knew I wouldn’t keep for sure was the red purse. It’s not even that I don’t like the purse, I just have no use for one so small. Kiddos require me to tote around a lot of stuff. The cute little cross body just isn’t big enough. 

Anyway, the return of items is super easy. You simply toss them into the prepaid return bag that they include inside your box and drop it back into the mail within 3 business days. Whatever you decide to keep, you check out online. Then, you get the chance to provide feedback on the items you received to help them better your wants for next time. 

If you do decide to sign up, please use my referral link! And when you sign up, be sure to refer friends because you earn $25 for each one that signs up! The gift of clothes personally styled for you is never a bad gift! 

I love this top and the jeans actually fit! 


My patterned blouse tank and red cross body. 


My comfy black cardi. 

I almost forgot the best part, you can link Stitch Fix to a Pinterest board where you pin all your fashion favorites! Then, your stylist can get another idea of the things you like! 


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