Scroll On 

I have the worst habit. I follow all these amazing shops on IG. I follow kid shops. I follow home decor shops. I follow clothing boutiques. 

Every day…I window shop via Insta. I will scroll through several times a day. I will start following shops that other shops suggest. I have found some of the most interesting companies and blogs this way. I guess you could say this is my guilty pleasure. 

Are you ready for my bad habit? My bad habit is this: I will see one of these shops is having a “Flashsale” or they are offering a discount code. I will spend time shopping on the website and adding everything I want to the cart. I will apply the discount code….and wait for it…wait for it….do NOTHING. The page will stay open on my phone until the discount code fairy dies. It’s like a way for me to dream about owning things without actually taking the plunge and spending the money. The next thing I know, I wake up the next day and feel like I am hungover. I’m hungover with regret. Does this resonate with anyone else? 

That’s how I feel. All. The. Time. 

Please forgive me if all this nonsense bores you. Truth is…these are all just things. But dang it, they are pretty, fun, awesome THINGS! Hey, a girl can dream…can’t she? Anyway, here is a very short and condensed list of things I am currently swooning. 

This recycled canvas map of the U.S. by Painted Fox. To check it out click here

These super cute bangles by Brin & Bell that can be personalized. Check out this great gift idea here

And last but not least…the most adorable tank for the smallest men in your life by Wild + Bear. To snag here

I have come to the conclusion that I enjoy my “bad habit” too much to stop. No bank accounts are damaged in my dreamy process. If I had endless funds, this probably wouldn’t be so addicting. For now, I will continue to scroll, add to my cart, and let my little heart flutter. 


One thought on “Scroll On 

  1. Girl there should be a support group of the WWCCC (wemon who can’t cart commit) I do this nightly . When it’s just mommy time then, like you, I sit and add, add and add….go to the “confirm order” page and I’m done. I just cant seem to commit to emptying the full cart. Then literally months will pass before I just empty everything and start all over. EBay…wheew…its my bad habit page! I don’t think I will ever stop.

    PS. I’m also a soon to be pipeliner wife. (Three more months) Love your blog and have been reading for a couple of months now!! Keep on Keeping on!!

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