Scroll OnĀ 

I have the worst habit. I follow all these amazing shops on IG. I follow kid shops. I follow home decor shops. I follow clothing boutiques. 

Every day…I window shop via Insta. I will scroll through several times a day. I will start following shops that other shops suggest. I have found some of the most interesting companies and blogs this way. I guess you could say this is my guilty pleasure. 

Are you ready for my bad habit? My bad habit is this: I will see one of these shops is having a “Flashsale” or they are offering a discount code. I will spend time shopping on the website and adding everything I want to the cart. I will apply the discount code….and wait for it…wait for it….do NOTHING. The page will stay open on my phone until the discount code fairy dies. It’s like a way for me to dream about owning things without actually taking the plunge and spending the money. The next thing I know, I wake up the next day and feel like I am hungover. I’m hungover with regret. Does this resonate with anyone else? 

That’s how I feel. All. The. Time. 

Please forgive me if all this nonsense bores you. Truth is…these are all just things. But dang it, they are pretty, fun, awesome THINGS! Hey, a girl can dream…can’t she? Anyway, here is a very short and condensed list of things I am currently swooning. 

This recycled canvas map of the U.S. by Painted Fox. To check it out click here

These super cute bangles by Brin & Bell that can be personalized. Check out this great gift idea here

And last but not least…the most adorable tank for the smallest men in your life by Wild + Bear. To snag here

I have come to the conclusion that I enjoy my “bad habit” too much to stop. No bank accounts are damaged in my dreamy process. If I had endless funds, this probably wouldn’t be so addicting. For now, I will continue to scroll, add to my cart, and let my little heart flutter. 


Travel PornĀ 

I enjoy new perspectives. One of my coworkers is married with kids. On her breaks, she searches realty websites for what she calls “house porn.” These are like fantasy houses. They are the epitome of her dream home. She has shown me a few. Let me tell ya, they ain’t bad! 

I enjoy my own dream home fantasies, but I recently decided that I don’t do “house porn.” I do “travel porn.” In my spare moments, I find myself dreaming of adventures. I dream of open spaces or beaches with no itinerary. But, no matter what, it’s ALWAYS about adventure. Lately, I have been stuck on Montana. I dream about hubby and I taking the kids camping in Montana. I dream of waking up, unzipping our tent (my dream, not hubby’s) and enjoying a cool morning sunrise over the mountains. I dream about having a morning cup of coffee while sitting on a log and taking in the silence and beauty of nature.

Yes, to be more specific, this is the view I’m dreaming about. I want to be there. I want to take in a cool, crisp, deep breath in this exact spot. Thank you @visitmontana for putting this sponsored link in my IG newsfeed. I will stalk you and your pictures for my sanity. 

Oh, and in case you are wondering what my primitive coffee cooked over a campfire might look like…

it looks like that. In case you love this adorable mug as much as I do, it comes in other colors. It is made by Sea Jay Shop. Check them out here

I have no idea what made me chose Montana to dream about. I guess I equate Montana with the word ADVENTURE. I’m pretty sure my dad went on a hunting trip in Montana when I was younger. When he comes for a visit this summer, I plan to pick his brain. I also plan to buy camping books and educate myself on camping essentials. My kids are still pretty young, 1 and 3 to be exact. But, they are both boys, I hope that works in my favor here. I would love to take them camping in Montana. I plan to go to Ohio for a few weeks each summer from now on. Hopefully, we can use some of that time to practice tent camping at one of the state parks there. Since most of Ohio is sans bears, I’m thinking the most I have to worry about are some raccoons. 

It will happen though. I will complete this dream. We will camp in Montana. We will wake up, unzip that tent, and step out into adventure.