Scottish Dreams

About a month ago, I stumbled upon a girl I went to college with on Instagram. A fellow journalism major, I was delighted to find that she too had a blog! Since I was on maternity leave, I took the opportunity to catch up on her blog and the awesome things she has done in life since graduating. After graduating, from what I can tell, she has stayed in the journalism field. This makes me smile. I know all too well how hard it can be to “stick it out.” Before and even after I moved to Texas, I have had a hard time getting jobs in this field. I can appreciate the heart it takes to have a passion. Not only that, but to have the drive it takes to never give up on that passion.
Anyway, some examples of the awesome things this chick has done include, but are not limited to: moving from Ohio to Chicago, participating in marathons, making a bucket list and working to cross things off of it, owning a cute blue record player, sharing an apartment with a roommate, riding a bicycle to neighborhood coffee shops, living through and (as far as I can tell) rising above a broken heart, participating in live literature readings (in front of strangers, chhhaa!) and last but not least…planning an amazing trip to a city where she has never been. My favorite part about the trip? She is going alone. ALONE. To some people, this may sound weird. To me, this sounds like the greatest, bravest, and possibly most rewarding idea to date. I have to admit, I’m pretty jealous. She openly admits that she is going to sit in unfamiliar coffee shops and write. She will ride a bicycle around and visit places she has carefully (or not carefully) chosen to see. She will talk with strangers. She will wear boots. I can not wait to see what she writes about the trip.
I feel a great hope that I will one day take a similar journey. Where will I go? Scotland, I hope. My step sister recently started college there. My mother and stepfather just got back from escorting her across the pond. I am currently engulfed in a book series based in The Highlands and my mother’s side of the family hails from the beautiful country. I want nothing more than to visit this mystical place in person. I could listen to my mother talk for hours about all the amazing things she saw and heard. I long to be submerged in the culture and learn what life is like there. It’s almost a romantic notion I have to sit inside The Elephant House coffee shop in Edinburg on a gloomy, rain-drizzled day. I think about being wrapped in a cozy, heather grey, sweater knit shaw. I dream about people watching while hearing only sounds of coffee and tea cups clanking while they are returned back to their rightful saucers. I can close my eyes and hear noises of laughter, and low tones of a language with which I am unfamiliar. All the while, I tap away at the keys on my laptop. What am I writing? Probably bits and pieces of conversation I can pick up from a nearby table. I love to hear the exchange of familiarities between friends. I try to repeat lines of a deep conversation that is going on close to me over and over in my head. It’s amazing what people sound like when they are in a comfort zone. When they think the only person who is interested in what they are saying is the person with whom they are conversing, the lingering ear of a stranger goes undetected. These are things I dream about. Of course, with two young children and other financial obligations, this rewarding writing holiday with have to wait. But, heed my warning. This is my notice. I will find myself in that dark, Scottish coffee shop writing for hours upon hours. It has officially been added to MY bucket list. Thank you Meryl, for the inspiration!



One thought on “Scottish Dreams

  1. Love,Love,Love that you added this to your Bucket List! Beautiful country, wonderfully warm people, and the element of mystical all make it a magical place!

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