10 Years

Well, I have officially reached the last year of my twenties. If you would have asked me 10 years ago, where I thought I would be in 10 years, I’m sure the answer would have been something to do with my career.
My “career” sure isn’t the first thing I would talk about today. It’s amazing how you think your life is heading in one direction, but God always has a path for you. Even when my life had zero direction after college when I couldn’t get a job, I still had a path. I just never could see it or understand it.
Today, I work in the field in which I got a degree. It doesn’t define me like I thought it would. I’m not this hard-hitting journalist running around the world chasing stories. Instead, I’m a hard working mother who chases my 20 month old around the house and yard. I am completely okay with it. I keep this blog to keep my sanity. I still have dreams for my career. I’m still working towards those dreams. I will never give up on them. They just are nothing like the dreams I had 10 years ago. I am okay with that because I can accept things and still be happy and grateful for what I have. I have a loving husband who took a new job so he can be home every weekend. I have a happy and healthy boy and another little boy on the way.
I love feeling him move inside me. It reminds me everyday that God has given me so much to be thankful for. I go to bed every night knowing that my life may not be what I dreamed it would be 10 years ago, but it is more than I ever could have imagined. Thank you Lord for my family and thank you for another day I get to spend with them.



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