I could have a million excuses for why I haven’t had a post the last few months. The truth is, I haven’t felt inspired. Not that things, wonderful things, haven’t happened. Wonderful things have happened. I started a post about family because of Christmas. I never posted it. It didn’t feel right. Lately, I have been thinking a lot about bonds we build with people. People we knew lifetimes ago. People who are our family. People that we see every day.
I am in complete awe of a family that I know personally. Over the past year, the father of the family has been struggling with kidney problems. As I am sure anyone can guess, it has been a long and challenging time. The doctors did not know what was wrong at first. After they figured out it was his kidney (lots of tests and process of elimination) they determined he needed a kidney transplant. He had to be approved by a round table of doctors in order to be a candidate for the surgery. Then, the search for a donor began. His wife did not share the same blood type. There was the possibility of an “organ swap.” In this situation, the man’s wife would give one of her kidneys to a stranger who was a match with her and when one that matched her husband became available, he would get it.
The family has 4 children ranging from early twenties to early thirties. We are friends with all of them. They are all wonderful, beautiful people. They all got tested to see if they were a match for their dad. Two of them were. Yesterday, their oldest son and the dad underwent organ transplant surgery. That’s right. This family kicks ass. They stick together. They make sacrifices and they believe in God. I 150% admire them. I admire the son for the love and respect he has for his parents. I admire the son’s wife for being a strong woman. I admire the whole family for putting their trust in God. They are an inspiration to me. They are an inspiration to our community.
Something else happened to me last week. It could be my pregnancy hormones (oh, yes…I forgot to mention that minor detail) or it could have been triggered by something else deep in my subconscience. I lived with a roommate for two years when I was 19-20. We worked together, lived together and hung out with the same group of friends. We were inseparable. As things often happen when you are that close with someone, for one reason or another, we started to not get along. I moved out and our friendship stayed on a steady decline afterwards. It was my fault. It was her fault. It was just sad. Anyway, fast forward through 7 years. We would see each other in similar social settings. We would be cordial, but that was it. She moved to Virginia. She went through life changes, failed relationships, successful job changes. I did the same. I had failed relationships, I graduated from college, had crappy jobs and moved to Texas. Now, we are far apart. We are both married and both have a child.
Last week, I had a dream about her. It was one of those dreams that stays with you well after you wake. It gave me this overwhelming feeling that I needed to talk to her. I have felt that way about my husband, my family and some of my very close friends. I have never felt that way about someone who I haven’t been close with for a very long time. Anyway, I ended up texting her later that morning and just telling her that I had an overwhelming feeling that I needed to talk to her…so we did. I feel good about it.
If there is anything that these two situations have taught me, it’s that life is short, you need to make the best of things. You should always be thankful for what you have and never doubt God. He will show you qualities you might not know you possess.