Just Stay Calm

Since today is Mother’s Day, I figured I would share a few of the helpful pieces of knowledge I have gained so far about being a mother. I have never claimed to be an expert and most of these things have come from learning them the hard way. So, here we go!
1) Don’t say “I will never let my child do ________________.”
Chances are that at one point or another, you will eat these words! Throughout my whole pregnancy, I always said my baby would NOT sleep in the bed with me. Mostly, I said this because I have seen and heard so many stories about people rolling over on their babies in their sleep. It completely freaked me out. So, go ahead and judge me, but Cooper went back and forth from my bed to the pack and play in my room until he was 6 months old. Then, he moved to his room and his crib. I don’t know what to say, except sometimes life is just easier with a baby in your bed, especially if you are breast feeding.
2) All those precious baby clothes you get at your baby shower, don’t save them for a “special occasion.”
Trust me, you will think they pumped your newborn full of growth hormones. There will not be enough “special occasions” in the first 6 months of a babies life to wear all the beautiful, overpriced, tiny clothes you have hanging in his/her closet! Dress them up! Even if you look like you got hit by a train, at least your baby will be stylin’ on the very few occasions when you allow them out of your home. I have so many “special occasion” outfits that still have tags on them in the closet.
3) Keep extra diapers, clothes, and baby things on your person at ALL TIMES. Even a ten minute ride to town can make you feel helpless if your baby decides to have a POOP-a-palooza in it’s car seat! Which brings me to number four…
4) Babies have POOP-a-paloozas! Your baby WILL have a blowout in his/her diaper. Nothing is going to prepare you for the lovely moment when you realize your child has pooped through its diaper, through its clothes and through the clothes you are wearing. It’s going to happen. Just be prepared.
5) There are people in this world who LOVE to give you advice about being a parent. Even strangers in the line at the grocery store. Yes, it’s annoying that a total stranger wants to talk to you about breast feeding, diaper changing, what your child should or should not be doing at this point in their developmental stages. Just roll with it. Although it is pretty rude for someone you don’t know to be asking and/or telling you about your kid, just smile and nod your head. Chances are that these folks think they are giving you some sort of holy piece of information that your doctor doesn’t know or that you haven’t read in the 9,000 pages of baby books you have at home.
6) Strangers will touch your baby. Once, I was at the store and Cooper was in his car seat in the cart. I pulled the cart towards me to unload it in the line and I looked up to find some random sweet old lady touching my 3 month old on the hands. JUST STAY CALM. But, she touched his hands!!! He puts his hands in his mouth and all over his face! What if she hasn’t washed her hands, EVER?! What if she spit on her hands to wash them? CALM DOWN. Pay for your groceries and quietly exit stage left where you can wipe your baby down with baby wipes and douse him/her with sanitizer.
7) When someone offers to hold your baby while you do __________. Let them.
I have an abnormally hard head. Since it is usually just me doing everything, I think I don’t need anyone’s help to do anything. The truth is, that yes, while they are trying to be helpful to you, they really just want to hold your baby. I learned this the hard way because I didn’t know the code. I found that I have hurt several people’s feelings because I truly thought I was being super mom.
8) You are Mom. You know best.
Don’t let anyone who isn’t your baby’s doctor make you feel like you don’t know what is right for your child. You will make choices as a parent. These are your choices to make. If you made a bad choice then you know better next time. Unless they are life threatening, then you always get a do-over.
9) Ask a million questions.
Before you leave the hospital, make sure you ask ANY and ALL questions you have. Don’t be shy! You just spent hours in labor and delivery and you have an adrenaline high that you will keep for a while. No question is too stupid. Also, if you leave the hospital and get home and have a question at 2:00 a.m., you can always call the nursery at the hospital. They can answer any question you have day or night! Also, make a list of all the questions you have. That way, when you go to the doctor, you won’t forget.
10) Lastly and most importantly, enjoy every single minute of your baby being this little! They grow way too quick.
Happy Mother’s Day!!



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