She is a Tricky Little Creature

While I was putting Cooper down tonight, my body was tugging on me and whispering, “sleep, sleep.” I thought long and hard about those words. It’s been a long day.
I woke up this morning and worked on a special project before 6:00 a.m. My body creaked, “sleep, sleep.” I fed the dogs and the horses. I fed Cooper and took him to the sitter. As I drove away, my eyes closed and lingered there a little longer than usual. The words knocked from within, “sleep, sleep.”
I went to work and had no time to think about anything. Technical difficulties grouped with my uneasy hand made for an exceptionally crazy day. I picked my baby up from the sitter at 7:45 p.m. Even throughout his bath time giggles, I heard an underlying, “sleep, sleep.”
After stealing my last kiss of the night and putting him down in his crib, sleep never called. As I changed into my workout clothes, I heard no echo of those earlier sounds. After sweating it out for 45 minutes, sleep had escaped me. I closed my eyes. I saw my husband and longed for his warmth beside me in the bed.
There have been no calls or texts from her. She does not care about my feelings or my dreams. She is a tricky little creature. How long will she make me wait?
I settle in and wait. I wait and think. I wait and worry. I make a mental note of everything I still have left to do before the week ends. Slowly she creeps over me. She makes my eyes heavy and my breathing deep. She fills the room with her sweet serenade, “sleep, sleep.” And then, I do.



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