My poor baby is not feeling well. The pollen has been been working on him all week. Now, his nose won’t stop running and he has a nasty cough. We had the privilege of spending the weekend with daddy. When we got up this morning, I had all intentions of going to church. I love how church makes me feel. It grounds me. It makes me feel alive. It gives me hope.
As I was getting dressed, Cooper was sitting in his pack and play. He was coughing and he was crying. As much as I wanted to go, I found myself slowly changing out of my dress clothes and picking him up. A few minutes of laying back in the bed, he was out.
It is truly amazing how you can have one plan for your day or even for your life and one small little thing, like a runny nose or a chance meeting can change your life completely. I feel the same way about God and this journey I am on with him. I had a plan before but, things have changed. Whatever path I was walking before has been interrupted. I am happy about this fact. I want God to use me in whatever way he sees necessary. I’m not claiming to do everything right. I’m not claiming that I am not a sinner. I just know that I love my son. I want what is best for him. I want to be the best mother and the best example that I can be for him. I missed church today because my baby isn’t feeling good. But, as I lay here, watching my sick baby sleep, The Lord is in my heart and on my mind.



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