Inspired and Ashamed

It is now four o’clock in the morning. I found this new app for my phone that allows me to post blogs from my bed! I really should get with the times and invest in a new laptop. I am just hesitant about spending the money.
The past few days, I have been around several people who have inspired me to keep writing. On Friday night, Cooper and I went to a friend’s house to watch the Aggies beat up on Oklahoma. I think there were more children under the age of five years at the party then there were adults. Amidst all the screaming men, screaming children and brief breaks to eat, I got to talk to a sweet friend for a few minutes. This sweet friend is getting married this year and she has a very busy work life and lives in a different city. Much to my dismay, we don’t get to hang out very often. Through our conversation, I learned that she too enjoys blogging. I decided right then that all my excuses for not having time to do it were not going to fly anymore. Here is this lovely girl, who works full-time and is planning a (large) wedding and she makes the time to blog. My son screaming from the living room floor no longer seemed like a good reason not to do it.
Then, yesterday, I went shopping in one of my favorite little stores. This store is such a gem! While I was shopping around, I saw a picture of an old, rustic building stuck to a lamp shade. I realized after looking closer, that it was the same shop that I was standing inside of at that very moment. I am very interested in this because we have an old house sitting on our property that I would love to make into a writing studio. It’s my dream, if you will. The shop owner and I had a great conversation about how she has a blog and she wants to write a book one day. I knew I liked this woman!
Turn the clock to the present and here I am in bed. I just woke up for a night feeding with Cooper and I decided to read the shop owner’s blog. I am now inspired and a little ashamed. I am inspired that these two very busy people have time to write their own blogs and ashamed that I have only written three entries in the last four months. I have decided that my new goal is to write one entry a week. Even if that means that I do it in the small hours of the morning, before the first snap of the day even begins. Thank you both for the inspiration.



2 thoughts on “Inspired and Ashamed

  1. Merr you have to pursue your writing dream with your kind of talent. I love reading your blogs. And with that said, I am going to do better this year with my blogging. See you soon sweet friend!

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