Creative Juices

Some of the said horses I am responsible for these days.

We are blessed today because it is raining. In Texas, rain is always a blessing. It is even more of a blessing when your husband works only a few miles from the house, because that means they get rained out. When Ben was working on a pipeline about ten miles from where we live in his hometown last year, I would always get so jealous when I would receive a text message from him that said they were rained out. Of course, that was back when I had a full-time job and rain had no effect on my work status.

As luck would have it, at his current job in Oklahoma, rain has no effect on his daily work routine. He is stuck at work even when everyone else working out on the line is rained out. It may sound strange, but when I talked to him this morning and he said it was raining, I almost didn’t feel like six hours and 420 miles separated us. I felt like the rain was our common denominator and therefore, we were closer than in reality.

I get asked pretty regularly about why I don’t just live in Oklahoma with him while he works. There are a few answers to that question. The first one is that we have too many animals. As of last night, we have 26 horses and six dogs. I say last night, because I sold a puppy to a man, his wife and their twin 5 year-old boys yesterday. We have Australian Shepherds. For anyone who doesn’t know, these are a herding dog. They are mainly used for cattle. The second answer is our house. I love our home and I love owning a home. I have to be here a certain amount of time because the grass needs to be mowed and the bills need paid. Once this summer, I went away for 14 days. There was so much mail waiting when I got home that the post office had put a key in the box and my overflow mail was in one of those boxes designated for packages. My third answer is our son, Cooper. He will be three months old on October 9. We have doctor appointments and family and friends here. Plus, living in a travel trailer with an infant and all of their playmats, diapers, blankets, clothes, medication, strollers, bouncy chairs, ect. can make even the largest, most luxurious travel trailer seem small.

Anyway, to make a long story short, my dream has always been to write. This is my attempt to get my creative juices flowing again. My dream is to one day write a book. I thought I would start small and just write about my life. I will not make any apologizes if you think what I write is boring. My simple solution for that problem is this: don’t read it.


One thought on “Creative Juices

  1. Oklahoma isn’t fun. There is a total lack of resources for an infant like good medical care choices. Been stressing over that since we got here and thinking of just driving back to Texas for a few weeks to get her 9 month well baby and see friends while there. Get back to civilization. I miss Austin,TX, have friends and family there. Have family in west Texas area that I would like to be able to see. As large as Texas is, they are four hours away from Austin as it is, now hours and hours.

    I would love a travel trailer instead of hotplates in motel rooms or rentals that make a first great impression but riddled with problems. Our duplex is so cold in the morning, spare you the gruesome details. It looks great, been remodeled, clean, all new appliances. None worked when we moved in. Repairmen constantly coming in. It was the only rental for miles and miles. Lucky to have it and out of motel rooms. No central heat, electric space heaters don’t work and I feel cold air coming in through every nook and cranny. This place will never warm up when it is below 32 and it was 16 last night.

    Today I wonder why we are even here. So cold, nothing is heating up this house and I find it hard to function. The baby and I have spent the day in one room except for a shower I took. First heated the bathroom for a good hour. I want to cook dinner but texted husband to pick something up because it is freezing cold in that kitchen and the baby will not sit there and allow me to cook. She is bundled up. I wonder if it is better for pipeline couples to stay apart. I am on the traveling end and I never see my husband. I miss him still but I also miss everyone and everything else.

    Do I really want to go shopping daily to forget my problems? Uh no. My husband works hard for his money. To keep spending it seems futile so I don’t do shopping for fun or something to do. We have used the library in town, been out and about and there isn’t anything here. With flu season, a baby and dubious medical care choices I feel okay hanging out at home. It is usually okay but during these cold snaps and weeks of nearly round the clock schedules for my husband….I’d say we are roughing it. You are doing the right thing. I might stop traveling soon.

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